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Maltipoo Puppies for Sale Home is a proud and respected breeder of blue ribbon quality Maltipoo puppies. We use the latest in genetic testing to ensure that all the puppies we produce have been given the best possible start in life.

We carefully screen each and every family who visits our farm looking for a Maltipoo puppy, and we love nothing more than to see these families grow up together–inside and outside of our farm.It all started with my father’s five acre property where I loved to play as a boy. As I grew up, it was always my dream to buy one of our family’s old barns and convert it into an animal shelter where I could rescue many animals in need.

In 2002, I bought my first barn—a country home, for a variety of rescued animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, and goats. In 2006, I added to my family by adopting the sweetest Maltipoo from a nearby shelter. My life changed forever when this beautiful little pup brought us much happiness with her presence. And so, Maltipoos for Sale Home was bor


We sell maltipoos for adoption and we also provide advice for caring for them.


The Maltese are friendly, happy, docile creatures. However, it does not matter how cuddly they might look, they are also very fierce.

While Maltese loves to play, they prefer adult human company, so you might have to supervise them when they are in the company of children below 10, especially if they did not grow with these children.

They might need a lot more than the first meet to adjust to being prodded and petted by children below the age of 10. They are very obedient and loyal, and might just cower if screamed at by their owner. They are very agile and suspicious and will guide all that that belongs to their owners with ferocity.

Characteristics Of Maltipoo

Maltipoo puppies sport a single-layered solid white coat hair. Their long hair should drape over each side, divided down the back. Their hair grows about 8 inches long or almost touching the ground. Daily grooming is required to keep the Maltipoo coat clean and mat-free. Many owners will keep them cut in what is commonly referred to as the “puppy cut”, where the hair is kept 1-2 inches all over the entire body. Dead hair will need to be brushed out as this breed does not shed; the dead hair will become matted if not removed.

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